Explore Greenville With Us

Greenville’s allure can speak for itself, from its 40-foot waterfall downtown and amazing new Riverplace development to its unique array of architecture, sculptures, fountains, boutiques, and bistros. Historical remnants abound along Greenville’s Main Street just waiting to be brought to life to those strolling along its sidewalks. But it’s much like going into a museum with great masterpieces. The artwork itself can bring enjoyment, but when a guide is there to tell you all about the artist, who owned it, its style and unique features, that’s when the artwork comes to life and becomes memorable. Visiting Greenville is similar, it’s a city with great features that are plain to see, yet a tour can offer a much deeper experience of enjoyment.

Greenville History Tours will tell all about what we see today and the development that is going on. But it will also fill in the rest of the story about how we arrived to get where we are today. On each tour guests will be able to see old photographs and paintings showing what Greenville looked like in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and compare them to what the same locations look like today. Instead of curiously gazing up at buildings from the sidewalk, you can learn about interesting details, like the story behind the carved rooster that is imbedded into the top of one of the buildings near Coffee and Main Street. If you are a tourist, come and take a tour our great city, you’ll love it. If you are a local that has lived here 20 years or 2 years, get a fresh look at Greenville on a tour, you’ll love it and leave wanting to know more.

Greenville Culinary & History Tours were created to give you a unique, exciting, and fun way to experience the culinary scene and rich history in downtown Greenville, SC.