Greenville Breakfast Tour


On this tour we want to highlight some of the not-to-miss delicious selections for a truly memorable breakfast tasting experience in Greenville, SC.

Greenville’s culinary scene has gained national attention and is often cited for its great array of lunch and dinner destinations. In recent years opportunities to find equally unique and quality breakfast cafes has been added to the foundation of destinations that have served up consistent traditional selections for many years. This driving tour will begin on Greenville’s Main Street and will tour you through some of our city’s “hot spots” as well as some of the city’s most beautiful neighborhoods on the way to the restaurants.

Restaurants we will visit:

  • Famous Toastery
  • Biscuit Head
  • LeGrand Bakery

The Food & Drink

Our first destination, Famous Toastery, is new to Greenville but will quickly become a mainstay for people who live and work downtown and is one of the few to serve breakfast past mid-morning. Since 2005, Famous Toastery has gained a solid reputation throughout the region for their scratch made breakfast classics as well as dishes with unique twists that set them apart from anything else offered in town. Dining customers always can expect impeccable service because at Famous Toastery, “every server is your server.” You’ll feel like a local and eat like a king with what this restaurant serves up for our first dish of the tour.

Next we’ll make our way to a trendy spot in the South Ridge complex on one of Greenville’s gateway corridors. Normally you’ll see people lined up outside the doors waiting to get a taste of their breakfast fare at all times of day. We’ll beat the crowds and get a personalized experience from chefs who may serve us one of their “crowd favorites” or may treat us to something off-menu for a special one-of-a-kind indulgence. To take your taste buds further, you’re encouraged to try selections from their home-made jam and flavored-butter bar.

Before you start thinking how far you’ll be putting off lunch, we’ve got one more stop that will bring a perfect ending to your vacation in Flavor Land. Greenville’s business climate is one of the most internationally thriving areas in America—especially through the presence of Michelin (France) and BMW (German). One of the greatest spots where the European influence is most deliciously felt is at LeGrand Bakery. After running a successful bakery in Blois, France, Laure and Emmanuel LeGrand brought their authentic breads and pastries to Greenville in 2013. You’ll savor hand-crafted, flaky creations that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a Parisian café with each bite. If you like a nice French coffee to complete your experience, go ahead and indulge on that too.

You will leave full and satisfied with the delicious food portions and drink selections available at each stop. The restaurants are all very unique and will serve up great examples of what make each place a great breakfast destination. If it isn’t already, you may leave with breakfast being your favorite meal of the day!

Greenville Culinary & History Tours were created to give you a unique, exciting, and fun way to experience the culinary scene and rich history in downtown Greenville, SC.