International Coffee Course


This fun and informative class walks you through the origins of coffee beans and their distinct characteristics, how brewing methods affect taste, and which foods pair well with different bean varieties.

In this class guests will learn about the primary beans that are used to make coffee, what international countries grow the different varieties, and what the distinct characteristics are from each these regions of the world. You’ll use all of your senses as you taste each type of bean’s brewed flavors, smell the aromas of the ground beans, and hear about how to discern the nutty, acidic, fruity, and other types of flavors of the beans.

Beyond numerous rounds of tastings, you’ll also learn about several primary brewing methods, the Italian moka pot and the French press, and how those methods influence the taste of the coffee. You’ll also participate in the roasting of coffee beans and see how a green bean goes through various stages to the final desired color and flavor.

At the end of the course you’ll feel more confident on knowing what you like and why you like it. Leaving with a freshly roasted sample of coffee beans (of your choosing) will let you continue the experience at home.

The coffee course includes:

• Thorough explanation of various aspects of the growing, sourcing, brewing, grinding, and roasting of beans and how each effects the
flavor/aroma of the beans
• Tastings of 4-5 types of brewed international coffee beans
• Demonstration of 2 different brewing methods
• Demonstration of roasting (green) coffee beans
• Home-made chocolate and/or French pastry tastings
• .pdf of the coffee course content shared on computer

The coffee course does NOT include:

• Additional chocolates and pastries (available for purchase during/after the course)
• Gratuity (customarily $6-8 per person) for the course instructor

This coffee course may also be arranged as a private event (up to 20 people) in a location of your choice. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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