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Learn about Greenville’s local roasters and coffee shops who each have unique stories, products and passions for bringing you the some of the best the world has to offer.

The Tour

Coffee growing, roasting and drinking is part of a world-wide culture and Greenville, SC has certainly developed a robust local coffee scene. While going out to socialize with friends or to discuss business is a common daily routine, this tour will introduce you to the local roasters and coffee shops who each have unique stories, products and passions for bringing you the some of the best the world has to offer. If you love coffee, you’ll absolutely love the experience of tasting and learning on this tour.


1.5 hours

Restaurants and Highlights:

• Methodical Coffee (roaster and café)

• Unlocked Coffee (roaster and café)

• A rotating choice of local coffee shops
(i.e. Coffee Underground, Spill the Beans, CraftyCats, Mountain Goat, etc.) will be featured for the 3rd tour stop

• Driving historic tour of Greenville between stops


Times/days Offered: Saturdays from 8:30-10:00am; year-round


Capacity: 10 people

Age restrictions: none

Meeting location: Main Entrance to The Commons at 147 Welborn St. Suite B1, Greenville, SC 29601

Online booking cutoff: 12 hrs. before the tour


Methodical as been a long-standing favorite coffee shop and has grown into a large-scale supplier for roasting coffee for other local businesses and cafes. Here you’ll learn about their roasting and sourcing and the story of how they got started and have developed into one of the most recognizable destinations in town. Guests will have three different types of coffee drinks (varieties of hot and cold) as well as a taste of an excellent sweet or savory food selection. These selections can change with each tour.


Unlocked has quickly become a leading local roaster and café…not only for their high standards of products and unique flavors but also for their great location in the Village of West Greenville at the hip Poe West development. This roaster’s Colombian owners will share their story, processes and connections to the coffee sourced in their homeland. Here you’ll enjoy a unique flight of coffee drinks along with a taste of some unique Colombian treats only found here. Guests may get to sample different drinks and food each tour.

Local Cafés

For our third destination, we will feature a local café that is an integral part of the large, expanding and diverse coffee scene. You’ll get to experience and learn about the unique spaces, décor, stories, flavors and missions that make these places favorite hang outs for both loyal followers and people just discovering for the first time. Showcasing different cafes will allow return customers to taste and learn new things every time.

Greenville Culinary & History Tours were created to give you a unique, exciting, and fun way to experience the culinary scene and rich history in downtown Greenville, SC.

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