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Greenville BBQ Trail Tour

The Greenville BBQ Trail tour is your opportunity to try back-to-back tastings of what are considered by many to be among the top BBQ spots in the city.

At The Chef's Table (Tuesday)

On Tuesday nights, experience the “vibe” of lively Greenville evening culinary scene when locals and visitors alike come out to enjoy a night out.

At the Chef's Table (Saturday)

America’s dedicated foodies and top chefs alike have turned their heads to Greenville’s dynamic 21st century culinary scene.

The Carolina Countryside Tour

Explore the beauty, experiences and destinations of the Upstate that just can’t be found in the city.

Greenville Breakfast Tour

On this tour we want to highlight some of the not-to-miss delicious selections for a truly memorable breakfast tasting experience in Greenville, SC.

Greenville Coffee Tour

Learn about Greenville’s local roasters and coffee shops who each have unique stories, products and passions for bringing you the some of the best the world has to offer.

New Restaurants of the Upstate

On this tour we want to highlight some of the newest restaurants that have joined the ranks in the Upstate.

Greenville Culinary & History Tours were created to give you a unique, exciting, and fun way to experience the culinary scene and rich history in downtown Greenville, SC.

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